When ya feeling down turn the music on and let it sooth ya!
When ya feeling good turn the music up and let it move ya!
...When you listen to the music let it sink into ya!
You'd be surprised to find out how much good a little bit could do ya!

Elvin Bishop - Rock My Soul

Saturday June 26th, was a nice hot sunny day here in Santa Rosa. My wife and I decided to go up to the Russian River and row our boat into the Russian River Blues Festival. So we gathered some provisions, grabbed our raft and started out towards Guerneville. We stopped and inflated our boat just outside Guerneville. After we got the raft inflated, we started into town when I noticed The Willows Campgrounds, which probably had quick access to the river. So we parked and walked through the Willows Camp Grounds to the river and launched our raft. After about a half hour trek down the river we arrived to find many friends and family parked across the river enjoying the show. As long as you do not go ashore you can park your boat, float, raft, or man made floating device on the outer limits of the canoe barrier set up by the promoter and watch the show. The view from the water is great and you have as much entertainment watching the fans as you do the bands.

We sat on the river and enjoyed the show while reminiscing with friends and soaking up the beautiful weather. My wife and I watched Earl Thomas and KoKo Taylor and then I rowed us back upstream knowing we would be back the next day to catch Etta James and Elvin Bishop.

Sunday was hotter and without the breeze of the day before. Paige (almost nine months pregnant) decided she wanted to sit under the Guerneville bridge and just listen this time. The day before was hard becuase she couldn't get out of the raft and didn't want to be confined to the boat. The barges, floats and rafts can get a bit crowded and rowdy. So, I told her after Elvin Bishop I would be back to get her.

So I started over to Johnson's Beach and met up again with the bros who for the last six to seven years have built a 10-15 man floatilla. I sat with Jim, Mark and Steve as I watched Elvin and enjoyed the morning sun. When the show neared the end I asked Steve, " When was the last time you seen Elvin do "Rock My Soul"? Steve answered, "He hasn't done that one for years". So I thought to myself, I had seen enough and should get back to Paige and see how she is doing. As I rowed up stream to get to the bridge where Paige was, Elvin played "Fishing". I sung along as I neared where Paige was sitting reading her book. As I pulled up and began to take the boat out of the water. Elvin Bishop tore into an unbeleiveable rendition of "Rock My Soul".

2004 Jim Crowley Photography / Media West