On September 17, 1996 B2E Productions, Media West/Crowley and Associates and Trofie Productions joined forces and launched North Bay Media Group.
We are located in Petaluma, Sausalito and San Francisco, California. We are producers specializing in all aspects of production from the sound stage to linear and non-linear editing suites.

We provide:

Camera Packages
Photography studio
Hi-8 and Beta-SP shooting and editing.
Modules for National Sales Meetings
NSM on-site shooting and production
2D & 3D animation
Mac & PC authoring
CD-ROM/CD-I/Red Book Audio/Hibred mastering
and much more

For Quotes and Information call:
In San Francisco call (415) 378-2769


Brian Tuohy, Jim Crowley, Paul Crowley
Creative Directors

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Last Update - September 12th, 2008


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