I'll never forget the great times we had at St Paul's, in high school and there after. I'll also never forget the night we were at Miraloma Liquers, on
our way to Lawton Street. I told Danny B, " You are not riding with us, we have three in the cab and nobody's riding in the back of the truck".
As Jim T drove along the 7th Ave reservoir, we passed a car, lost control, did a 360, slamming into the curb. The truck flipped into
a ditch where the pump house is on the north side. The truck rolled for what seemed to be an eternity. When we finally came to
rest upside down. I climbed out the window, and saw you and Danny B pull up. I ran back grabbed the cassette from the tape
deck and ran up the hill. After I got in your El Camino, I put the tape in and Molly Hatchet's Flirtin' with Disaster immediately
played, "I got the pedal to the floor and our lives are running faster". You and I looked at each other and did a Spicoli.
Which is the equivalent of Wayne and Garth dealing with a mind blowing experience.
Luckily nobody got hurt that day and that Danny rode with you.

circa 1979

Rest In Peace My Friend!

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